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Friday, May 23, 2014

This does not compute: Stock market continues record climb despite food and gas prices surging

How can this be? It is a deliberate deception. The stock market would be tanking but for the fact that the FED is pumping billions of dollars every month into it artificially propping it up.

Why are they doing this? Two main reasons. One is to rob everyday US citizens and line the pockets of the super rich. The super rich are the ones who profit from the markets rise as they are the recipients of the billions of dollars monthly. Not you and me.

The billions of dollars monthly comes from you me. Where does the FED get the billions of dollars monthly? Yes they print it from nothing but it’s added to the US money supply which devalues the dollar.

It works like this. Say the treasury has 100 dollars in the US bank. They print 50 dollars and add it to the 100 dollars. Now we have 150 dollars in the US bank but that 150 dollars is only worth 100 dollars. That is how they are stealing from us! That’s inflation, our money buys less.

We used to be able to track inflation better than today but the government wanted to hide the inflation from us so they stopped counting the two most costly household items, food and fuel. Can you believe that food and fuel are no longer factors in determining the government’s inflation index? Why would they do that? One answer, to deceive us!

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia: 

Perceived underestimation of inflation

Some critics believe however, that because of changes to the way that the CPI is calculated, and because energy and food price changes were excluded from the Federal Reserve's calculation of "core inflation," that inflation is being dramatically underestimated.[13][14]

There is a big ideological argument in America today. One side believes government is the answer to our problems and they want more and more of it while the other side believes government is the cause of our problems and they want less and less of it.

With the facts just presented, on which side of the ideological divide do you take your stand?

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