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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Duh!: What’s wrong with this unemployment crisis for minority youths picture

How can there be an unemployment crisis when over two hundred CEOs are begging for foreign workers to fill jobs, it makes no sense.

Especially since there is a push on to extend unemployment benefits which keeps people from looking for jobs. If you pay people not to work why would they look for work?

Are these minority youths just not looking for jobs, or are they not getting the information that there are jobs to be had, I mean, what’s up?

I know farmers, builders, chicken, and turkey plants routinely hire illegals so they can pay them lower wages but AT&T, Marriot, etc., pay at least minimum wage, I would think, so why aren’t they hiring minority youths if they have job openings?

Is this a ruse, part of a plan to destroy America? Further influxes of immigrants will continue the process of watering down the traditional American population, destroying the cultural heritage that made America great.  

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