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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Coming soon to the USA courtesy of the UN WHO: "The children are forced to sex education in the German schools ...

This happens in our universities, it’s happening in their elementary schools. It won’t be long before it is in our elementary schools, if it’s not already.

Why is the West being destroyed this way? Ask the Jesuits!

Sex education, Frühsexualisierung ...

Started by Tobi , Dec 13 2013 08:10 AM

The father wants to protect his child, but goes to jail ...

"The children are forced to sex education in the German schools ...

If small children are encouraged to masturbation when in a nursery one "carrot king" who can fastest condoms pull over a carrot, "show body parts" first graders play while also stretch buttocks and genitals in the middle when school children detailed by pornographic training materials Instructions to sexual activities get all decay forms of the family are touted to children as an equivalent alternative and practice young people in school role-playing homosexual behavior - then corresponds to all the current standards for Sexuality Education in Europe, published by the WHO and the BZgA * in 2010 .

The active sexualization of our children and young people through the extensive network of sex education can hardly escape even a school principal, teacher, father or mother. The price individuals will pay for opposition and resistance - from fine to Erzwingungshaft - is high and will always be higher the longer we remain silent and the more social and political power of minorities (gay, lesbian and pedophile movements) conquer. "

Frühsexualisierung damage to the children, why is that? Why does a small child these skills?

Most children suffer greatly: "We have to learn all these bad things by heart."

Why you want to expose our children to the danger that exists through the Frühsexualisierung? In order for the psyche of the child is disturbed? Thus, the notion of a normal family is completely destroyed!

As crazy as our world has become?! That parents who want to protect their children go to jail!

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