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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Probable cause: Clinched Butt?

This is one of the problems with having so many laws, it makes it easy to become a target. You are on a lonely stretch of road at 3 am and there is no other traffic on the road. You come upon a stop sign at a cross roads and cruise right on through it.

What’s the problem? It’s against the law! Even though it makes no sense. You don’t stop you become a law breaker. Too many laws makes everyone a law breaker!

It also gives the authorities carte blanche to go after anyone they want. This guy saw no oncoming traffic as he approached the outlet from the store and ‘rolled through’ the stop sign. What’s the problem? He broke the law!

That gave the police the excuse to pull him over, they then used that excuse as an excuse to violate him in a way unheard of, unthinkable, yet they did it.

I am a police friendly guy, my father followed in the footprints of my uncle to be a policeman, and my son followed them. The vast majority of lawmen are good decent folks, and understand more so than not the motto ‘Protect and Serve’.

There are those however that let their authority get the best of them. Just bad apples.

And then there is the bigger problem we are seeing develop today where the police are being molded more into a military mindset by the federal government.

It is becoming more of an us versus them mindset than the traditional neighborhood cop. And the more they are dependent on the federal government for funding, weaponry, and training, the more apt they are to be sucked into the police state when the federal government makes their move.

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