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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

AE911Truth: NIST's misrepresented failure of a single connection leading to WTC7 collapse

OK, dismiss this group of two thousand and 8 architects and engineers as cooks because they’ve been Alinskyed with the ‘truther’ label.

You’ll never be able to see the truth with your eyes closed. I can identify with you because I was a Bush worshipper and refused to see anything that was detrimental to my hero.

That was, until he and Hank Paulson walked up to a bank of mikes one day and said if we didn’t give Hank 700 billion dollars to spend as he saw fit the whole world economy would collapse in 24 hours and subsequently that he was abandoning the free market in that crisis in order to save free market.

What? He was embracing socialism in this case in order to save the free market? I knew right then that ‘something was rotten in Denmark’. If the free market is the answer how can you save it with the opposite?

And this all happened just weeks before the presidential elections, thus guaranteeing a republican defeat at the hands of democrat Muslim, Kenyan, communists, Barak Hussein Obama.

My political world had been turned upside down, now I was willing to open my eyes to things I otherwise never would have. You’ve got to come to that point if America is to remain free!

By the way, I had already broken from the republican party when they nominated John, ‘songbird’ McCain as their standard bearer. I immediately changed my party affiliation to independent…I voted republican in the election but I told everyone I voted for Palin, not McCain.

Groundbreaking WTC7 Video Exposé: Independent Investigators Reveal Critical Errors and Omissions in NIST Report

Written by David Cole and AE911Truth Staff Friday, 23 August 2013 22:03

WTC7 Video Article 1-260wNIST's claim that the failure of Column 79 led to the entire destruction of WTC7 cannot stand up to even a basic technical analysis

This project was suggested after a careful study of NIST's Final Report on WTC7 showed that the initiation of the building's collapse was officially blamed on the failure of a single connection where a long-span girder met Column 79 on Floor 13. When we considered that such a huge controversy allegedly began from a single connection failure, we decided to take a closer look at that event.

What we found was deeply disturbing. We discovered that NIST had misrepresented that connection, and although it later corrected one aspect, it still has not acknowledged its most critical omission. In our opinion, had NIST used the correct connection elements in its analysis, it would have found that the connection could not have failed and thus would have had to postulate a different initiation event.

To illustrate our findings, we produced four short videos at a technical level that would be understandable by most people. If our findings are accurate, they are strong evidence that a new independent investigation is required to determine why WTC7 fell so rapidly and symmetrically.


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