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Friday, August 2, 2013

The plan to neuter the US military is underway, foreign troops to be used for martial law!

I’ve wondered what would happen if puppet Obama declared martial law in respect to our military. Would they back him or their fellow citizens?

They, the puppet masters,  can’t be sure the rank and file military members would turn on their own countrymen. We may be seeing what their plan is…to greatly reduce the rank and file!

Obama has already replaced many of the top brass but with the military at full strength he cannot be sure the troops will obey the orders of his stooge commanders.

So, the plan is apparently to reduce the number of US troops (in response to manufactured budgetary problems) and rely on foreign troops for martial law implementation.

We’ve seen the reports about foreign troops in the US and along the Mexican border.

I decided to add the latest report of foreign troops below the Hagel piece, it’s from BeforeItsNews:

Hagel Forecasts Massive Troop Cuts

The Army would shrink to 380,000 troops, the Marine Corps to 150,000. The Navy would lose three carriers, and the Air Force would begin mothballing its B-52 bomber fleet under a worst-case budget scenario outlined by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Read More

More Proof Russian Troops In America! Russian Book Salesmen In Texas: A Letter From A Beforeitsnews Reader

(Before It's News)

The following email and picture below have been emailed to Beforeitsnews and has been reposted in its entirety. Certainly take this information as you would like. However, I have added a recent video to the bottom of this story from Infowars that should slam this point home for even the biggest skeptics, Russian troops are in America.

This is from a friend in Midland Texas. We have been sighting Russian/ Eastern European, young military aged males around town. Many have been seen going door to door selling children’s books, others have been seen at coffee shops and restaurants. Some have even been reported to have asked local police if they could have their picture taken with them, the officers declined their request. Midland Texas rarely sees Russian/ Eastern Europeans in the area. ATTACHED IS A PICTURE OF THE  ”LATVIAN” Book Seller in the statement below.

At 18:35 on Tuesday the 29th of July, Midland County, TX 

A young “Latvian”‘ as I would learn later was casing my neighborhood. I live in a subdivision filled with lots of young families and older retirees. I witnessed this individual looking for prospective houses as I was coming home from work. I observed the above as I unloaded my tools.

He was clearly looking for clues that indicate children resided at a residence. The only 2 houses on my block with children are mine and my neighbor across the street. He blatantly walked by all the other houses and approached ours. My neighbor was not home.

He rang my doorbell and I answered with the door partially opened. You can see his physical appearance in the attached photo. He had a very distinct eastern block accent and slender build and rigid posture.

He didn’t immediately introduce himself, he opened with questions:

“I noticed you have young children, would you like to hear about some educational programs (books)I am offering.”

At this point He reached in his pack for a brochure which inadvertently  revealed a map of my subdivision which was clearly marked with houses which I know have small children.

Without waiting for an answer he asked how old my children were and if I was happy with their current school (trying to discern what school they attended)

I interrupted him and said “I am not interested in anything you are (air fingers quote) selling. Please leave now.

He persisted and asked if my wife or I made the decisions for the kids education and should he come back at a later time.

This time I stepped out of my doorway and looked down the block for his comrades. I asked where he was from and he replied “Latvia”.

I asked what a Latvian student knew about American education and what qualified him to be an expert in American education as he was only a student himself and from a foreign country. He was silent and had no reply. I asked him politely to leave my property again.

He resisted and began to speak. At this point I was in his personal space. I looked him in the eye and told him the following.

“I know who you are. I know what you are doing and who you work for. You and your comrades need to leave the area immediately. I will not ask politely again.” 

He stared at me with a cold evil stare and almost a smirk that was pure evil.

He turned silently and walked away at which point I grabbed my cell  phone and took his picture.

He was visibly disturbed and asked (with a much different tone and thicker accent) why I did that.

I proceeded to tell him that I can do whatever I want on my property. He asked if I would like to see his permit.

I laughed and said “Your permit means nothing to me.”  He stepped on my yard and I issued very stern and very loud LEAVE NOW. He back pedaled out of my yard but remained locked on my eyes. I absolutely would not look away first. He turned from me and walked south down my street and was out of sight in a matter if minutes. He did have a cell phone which he used right after the photo.


He was trained for intel gathering. The slightest bit of resistance flustered him and he had to deviate from his script which made him uncomfortable.

His questions are loaded by design. I never have him an answer to anything he asked.

He DID NOT expect to be exposed. That was the tell tale sign that he was not who he represented.

I warned every neighbor and friend of these guys and advised them. I have circulated his picture all over my community.

A neighbor indicated he had seen him before with a group at a restaurant. All reading maps and comparing notes.  Arrogance is astounding.

I prayed all night and didn’t sleep well. The evil is real and it is here. The Apache helicopters at night and low flying C-130s are occurring almost weekly now. All around our oil fields. It’s no secret anymore. Pray and prepare and organize. The time draws near my friends. Look out for one another and pray for victory.

In Him,


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