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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hypocrisy of the N-word

It’s said “all over the field, on field, in locker rooms”, it’s probably the most used word by far in rap music and black comedy yet in certain situations there is a line drawn in the sand.

I know I’m opening myself up to all kinds of criticisms because I’m white so how can I understand the black perspective. I don’t, I really don’t! It’s just a word!!!

Most of it goes back to something no one that reads this has ever experienced, slavery. Were you ever a slave? I have never owned a slave. I don’t know anyone that has. My parents and their parents were closer to being slaves than owning them. Go back over the history and you will be surprised to find that it didn’t start in America! it didn’t start with negroes!

And there was discrimination where blacks had their places and whites had their places. I can sympathize with the people who had to sit in the back of the bus or had to order their food from the back and not sit in the front of the store. I know how that would have made me feel but we got past that! I don’t think there is a place in America where that happens today.

A white person uses the n-word and it’s a career killer, a black person uses it and it’s a career enhancer, I’m sorry, I don’t get it! It’s just a word!!!

There are some people that don’t like other people, that’s not right but it is their right. You can’t mandate that everybody like everybody. This issue is leading us to accept the idea of ‘thought police’. It’s actually mentioned in the story as something that may be necessary.

And though the Eagles and the NFL were out front of this controversial matter, the league and the Eagles may need to enlist the thought police to find out what really lurks in player’s minds and hearts.

There are not many more things more “1984” than that! My friends on social media know what I mean by that, but I seriously doubt that, with our NEA education system, the future generation will. They will be ready for the ‘chip’, not want a gun, and ‘trust and obey’ the government in all matters small and large.

This player admits that it’s not uncommon for the word to be bandied about but in this case it’s in the guy’s heart because when a person is drunk what they say is really how they feel. Well, I’ve heard that people do and say stupid things they would never do or say sober. What are we to believe?

I know it won’t happen because of Jesse and Al, and Obama and Holder, but wouldn’t it be nice if we would all understand that it’s just a word!!!

And I will probably have my account blocked by Facebook but I must opine that the impression I get from a lot of black entertainers is that a black can say nigger because he is a nigger but a white better not so much as think the word! There, I spelled out the word so fire me!!!

I found this on Drudge:

NFL Player: 'N Word Said All Over, On Field, In Locker Rooms'...

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