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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obama masked clown banned for life for insulting Mohammed…I mean Obama

When did we become more like a caliphate than a Republic? This is insanity on steroids. Just think of the attacks on Bush and Cheney and Sarah Palin that were cheered on by the media and democrats.

People got promoted, not fired! If this had been a Bush masked clown during his administration the clown would have been invited on all the news talk shows and nightly comedy shows, he may have wound up with his own TV show.

This is reminiscent of the Mohammed cartoons Jihad! Missourians should express their outrage at this overreaction in the land of ‘free speech’.

If the officials think it was inappropriate (I don’t) maybe they should rebuke the clown, but banned for life, all clowns ordered to be reeducated with sensitivity, announcer and rodeo president forced to resigned?

Why would they react so over the top? Has the administration had any contact with the officials? Did Eric Holder threatened to sic the DOJ on them, did Lois Lerner threatened to sic the IRS on them? Something is going on here! Americans just don’t act this way, Muslims yes, but Americans no!


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