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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

“NWO”: Sen. Feinstein lets it slip that Canada and Mexico are part of the ‘Homeland’

We’ve been seeing anecdotal evidence for years, including Albert Pikes book ‘Morals and Dogma’, the setting of Orwell’s movie ‘1984’, talk of the Amero currency, NAFTA’s role in setting this up, the reason the government is not concerned with the borders, etc. now a sitting US senator lets the cat out of the bag at an NSA Senate briefing. This is from  Before It's News:

Video: Another Conspiracy Theory Confirmed By The U.S. Senate! (Note Map and Comment: All of North America Is One Country-Homeland)

The ‘North American Union’, once considered a wacky ‘conspiracy theory‘ by those ‘out of the know’ and propagandists has now been confirmed, thanks greatly to Dianne Feinstein and a US Senate map that has now gone viral. In fact, we can look all the way back to the “Post War New World Map” that was created in 1942 to prove that plans for a North American Union and a ‘New World Order’ have been around for a very long time. This video from  DAHBOO77 connects the dots for you. You can see both of these maps in detail below. Twitter had a BLAST with it! Check out some tweets below as well and Dianne’s ‘slip of the tongue’ confirming our latest ‘conspiracy theory’ in the 2nd video below.

From Russia Today: Sen. Dianne Feinstein referred to the US, Canada and Mexico as “the Homeland” at an NSA Senate briefing on Wednesday, presenting a map that united the three nations as one.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting held to acquire details on the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programs, Sen. Feinstein (D-Calif.) made a geographic mistake in which she united three large countries into one. The error went by without comment during the briefing, but generated a significant response upon closer examination of the map.


For those of you who try to brush this off as a ‘staffer mistake’, we’ve got news for you!

Although it might be easy to brush off the map as nothing more than a mistake made by a staffer, a writer at The Atlantic suggested that it might indicate a potential NSA attempt at tallying thwarted attacks in North America to make anti-terrorism efforts in the US look more successful.

“Normally, this would be written off as a design goof, as one of the NSA’s (newly adept) graphics guys using a little more light blue than he ought,” writes the Atlantic’s Philip Bump. “This being the NSA, we’re not inclined to offer that benefit of the doubt. Is this a way of blending in Canadian and Mexican terror activity disruptions (which, we’ll remind you, is different from actual plots interrupted) to give a larger sense of the NSA’s success at halting terrorism within our borders?”

This first map is from 1942, the ‘Post-War New World Map’, and shows all of North America, including Mexico and Canada, as the ‘United States of America.
This second map is the now famous map showed by Senator Dianne Feinstein, confirming the existence of the ‘North American Union’ in this “New World Order”.

Twitter had a lot of fun with Dianne Feinsteins ‘gaffe’, though we know it was nothing of the sort.

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