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Monday, July 15, 2013

This is telling: Where is the rage about these children's murders?

Killing people is bad but dissing someone is somehow worse? George Zimmerman is somehow worse than the Chicago gangbangers that murder preteens? What’s wrong with this picture? Why aren't they rioting about the children gunned down in Chicago?

You know why, there’s no money, no fame in it for the race merchants of the NAACP, Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. That’s how they make a living.

And there’s no political edge to for Obama, Holder, and the racists democrat party and for the NWO elites who use division as part of their battle plan to take over the world…divide and conquer! This is from the Before It’s News website, click the links for the accompanying video:

 Why Are They All “Trayvon” Instead Of 7 Yr Old Heaven Sutton? OH, Cause Chicago Gangbangers Killed Her!

(Before It's News) By Susan Duclos Monday, July 15, 2013 8:51

While protesters rage at the death of 17 yr. old Trayvon Martin who was shot by George Zimmerman in self defense and a jury acquitted him of second degree murder and manslaughter charges, they hold up signs saying “We Are All Trayvon.”

Makes a person ask why Trayvon? Why Not little Heaven Sutton, 7 years old, who was selling snow cones when she was brutally murdered as her and her mother fled a hail of bullets? As the video at the bottom of this piece shows, she died in her mother’s arms.

An IBD editorial states “Heaven didn’t get quite the attention of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager killed by neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman. When perceived racism can be invoked as a cause of death, headlines blare. When it happens in a city beset by liberalism’s failures, crickets chirp.”

The city beset by liberalism’s failures they refer to is Chicago. Some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Some of the highest tax burdens. Liberal ideological visions of Utopia. 

That is one reason why the liberal media will report on the murders in Chicago, Illinois, but will not turn it into the media spectacle they so ardently turned the Zimmerman/Martin case into.

Another reason practically tells itself  in the picture below?

 Black on black murder doesn’t sell newspapers as much as perceived racism, even though it is old news that the FBI, in 2012, found no racial bias in the Zimmerman/Martin case, it did not stop the media, the liberal politicians, Barack Obama, the black community leaders, from pushing the so-called “race card,” and inciting the public into the protests we are seeing now after the Zimmerman verdict.

Kalvin Michael Smith asked in January 2013, asked, “Why No Uproar For Heaven.”

I ask those protesting today, that swear they will protest tomorrow, those vowing to “shut down New York on September  2013“……. Why Are They All “Trayvon” Instead Of 7 Yr Old Heaven Sutton?

Why are they not all 5-year-old Jaden Donald and 7-year-old Christian Lyles?

Where are the marches against Chicago’s failures? Where are the protests against the 74 people shot, 12 killed over July 4 weekend?

I’ll tell you why… because it doesn’t fit the liberal or media agenda, and black on black crime in Chicago, a liberal bastion, doesn’t sell as well as a manufactured racial narrative.


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