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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OMG, Journalist Hastings Remains Cremated Without Family Consent

Was his death a message, a warning to other journalists to back off investigations into the Obama regimes crimes?

Hastings was the journalist General McChrystal confided in about his contempt for VP ‘Bite Me’, he was investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack when he died under suspicious circumstances.

He told friends shortly before his death he was going ‘off the radar’ due to FBI harassment.

This most certainly adds fuel to the fire regarding the suspicions about his death.

This is from the Before It’s News website:

Hastings Cremated Without Family Consent: More Proof Of A Cover-Up and Conspiracy

(Before It's News)

Why in the world would anyone cremate the body of a dead person without the consent of that persons family if that family was fully available to give or withhold their consent? That is what the family of Michael Hastings now wants to know, and they’ve hired a private detective to find out why Michael was cremated without their consent...

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