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Friday, July 19, 2013

Isn’t this exactly what Breitbart was trying to expose before he was assassinated?

There is no indication that racism played any part in George Zimmerman’s actions the night Trayvon Martin died at all! If anything, Trayvon Martin could have had been the one with a racial attitude as he referred to Zimmerman as a ‘creepy ass cracker' on the phone to his girlfriend.

Zimmerman tutored black kids, dated a black girl, came to the defense of a black man he felt had been mistreated by the Sanford police department. Even Martins parents said they didn’t think race was involved, so why does the president of the United States bring it up? Why is Obama playing the race card here?

Breitbart said he had videos that would show that Obama was all about ‘racial division’ and class warfare and he announced the day that he was going to release the videos.

It just so happened that he dropped dead of a heart attack early in the morning hours of the very day he said he was going to release the videos. If you buy that you’ll buy lake front property in the middle of Death Valley!

Rabbit trail alert: That’s how I know Sean Hannity is a fraud, he immediately went out of his way to dispel any notion that there was anything suspicious about Breitbart’s death.

Look at the articles below, they have absolutely no relevance to the events that happened that night! None whatsoever, so if not, then why bring these things up? Breitbart warned us why!!!

By giving this speech, the president of the United States, in a backhanded way excused all the race baiting associated with this case. While feigning a non-violent stance, that’s not who he is, ‘If they bring a knife, we bring a gun’ is his credo!

If this case was not about race, then why is it time for 'soul-searching' and 'national conversation'?

President calls for 'soul-searching' and 'national conversation' -- but warns politicians to butt out...
Recalls suffering racial profiling...
History of racism 'doesn't go away'...
Could Trayvon have 'stood his ground on that sidewalk?'
If teen had been white, 'outcome and aftermath might have been different'...


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