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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gun registry is the step before genocide!

To the group below who favor gun control you can add another group, that would be criminals! Criminals would pay big bucks for stricter gun controls!

Genocide Chart: They Started With Gun Permits, Registration And Licensing

By Susan Duclos

Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) warned in a Facebook post on Thursday that a national gun registry would be similar to a database used by the ruling Hutu tribe in Rwanda in the 1990s to locate and slaughter members of an opposing tribe in a genocide that killed up to 1 million people. (Source- The Hill)

Liberals would like Americans to think Duncan's words are just a scare tactic, but in fact, he used only one of many examples where registration of guns and licensing were just the first step before historical examples of Genocide were perpetrated.


Wake up America has shown this before, but obviously it needs to be shown again since the Senate just voted on the motion to proceed for the S.649 gun control bill, which includes language about "record-keeping" of gun owners aka a registry.

Look at the chart below, pass it around and Never Forget. Eight out of the nine examples listed below, started with permits, registration and/or licensing, and resulted in genocide.


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