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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evidence shows Michael Hastings was assassinated; was working on Benghazi story!

NSA, IRS, Michael Hastings stories are chilling in more ways than one. The fact that the government is spying on everyone, and the IRS is targeting TEA party groups makes people mad and cautious at the same time. Knowing they are watching has a tendency to quell resistance…

So, is Edward Snowden part of a government PsyOps program to intimidate people into silence and inactivity? Maybe his orders were to leak this information.

And were Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings deaths warnings to reporters to be careful what they look into?

I mean come on, how obvious can it be? The very day Breitbart was to release video damaging to Obama he drops dead of a heart attack.

And the crash scene, the engine and drive-train were found behind the car, the fire was unusually hot, police, EMS, firemen, etc. told not to talk about crash, the crash scene appears to be different from the night of the crash to the daytime investigation scene…

This article is from Before it’s News:

Michael Hastings Cover-Up Confirmed – San Diego 6 – Investigative Report On Michael Hastings Crash

(Before It's News)

San Diego 6 has done an investigative report into the death of Michael Hastings and, in the process, have confirmed that a cover-up of the ‘real’ cause of his death is underway. Both police and the fire department have been TOLD not to comment for this story and a police report was not made available. Why not? What do they have to hide if this was merely ‘a crash’? Silence often speaks louder than words…

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