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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can you believe this was 18 years ago: 1995 – Militiamen Warn Congress – Back Off!

They didn’t back off did they? Was that when they started planning 9/11? They saw how serious the opposition was so they realized they had to play hard ball and come up with a plan to clamp down on the citizens of the homeland with a Department of Homeland Security.


1995 – Militiamen Warn Congress – Back Off! (Stunning Video)

(Before It's News)

It is GREAT to see organizing and preparation taking place (back in 1995) for what is Clearly Approaching.. And I love that this speaker is from Ohio, being an Ohioan myself.

Original Air Date: June 16, 1995
Given the age of this below congressional hearing and the animosity shown then.. It is now Glaringly Obvious just how Urgent this message has become under the Obamanation Regime.

African American Militiaman James Johnson Testifies Before Congress where he tells them that Americans are fed up with being treated like subjects instead of free men!

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