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Friday, April 12, 2013

Which came first? Newton parents and children used in media blitz, lobbies congress

Pardon me for thinking how great the Sandy Hook shootings have been for gun control advocates. How do you revive an issue that is dead in the water? The Sandy Hook shootings fell right into the gun grabbers laps, how fortuitous! They should give Adam Lanza a medal.

What if there was a plan for a new world order but the biggest obstacle was a free, armed, America. They’ve been busy whittling away our freedoms but we still have our guns. They’ve got to get the guns before they can fully take away our freedoms!

Is it possible that they would plan this kind of an event in order to change public opinion and thus make it easier to accomplish their goals? This ideology embraces the concept that the end justifies the means. They couldn’t kill millions of babies a year if they didn’t embrace that concept.

If they can rationalize the killing of babies what can’t they rationalize? How did they get the Patriot Act passed? How did they get the DHS created? How did they start the never-ending war on terrorism in which they can define terrorists any way they decide to!

Do you really think 19 Arabs crawled out of their 7th century caves/tents and brought down the twin towers causing an event so infamous as to initiate the building of the new world order?

I mentioned they should give Adam Lanza a medal earlier, I don’t think Adam Lanza ever killed anyone in his life. Adam Lanza was the patsy, the fall guy in the false flag operation carried out at Newton Connecticut in order to build sympathy for the disarming of America and the building of the new world order!

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