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Monday, April 1, 2013

Obama Proclamation: This is sheer madness, what a crock! Obama’s budgets garnered 0 votes in his 1st term

Democrats didn’t even offer a budget his whole 1st term, which is required yearly by law!

I almost forgot, it doesn’t matter, democrat or republican. They are both working towards the same outcome. Republicans can play the fiscal responsibility card, and look good and conservative, because there is no way in hell they can affect the budget…unless they use their ‘power of the purse’. The fact that they won’t tells you they have the same goals as the democrats!.

The republicans in the house can offer all the bills they want to but they know there is no way they can move forward because Harry Reid rules the senate! So a false republican can appear to be a staunch conservative because he knows the conservative agenda is not going to be moved forward. The senate and the house must pass legislation before it becomes law!

The real test is the purse strings, if they defund Obamacare it cannot continue. If they withhold funds involving funding for abortions the funds won’t be available! If they withhold funds from DHS they can’t buy all that ammo, all those guns, those uniforms, those armored vehicles. The fact that they fund this stuff should tell you something.

APRIL FOOLS: Obama Proclaims April Month to Teach Young People 'How to Budget Responsibly'...ChoosePoison

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