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Friday, March 8, 2013

Undercover Video: “You’re on your own” when it comes to home invasions says police

I haven’t seen any evidence of law enforcement purposely not responding in my little corner of the world but I live in the county, not the city.

I do know that there are not enough deputies to ensure that they can react in a timely manner to every call in the county. That’s not because of neglect or nonchalance, it’s just a matter of finances. They do a great job with the recourses available to them. I assume that’s the way it is in every county in every state.

I don’t know for sure but I suspect it’s the same for cities and towns. Even if they have more officers and more vehicles there would be times when events occur tying up more recourses limiting how fast they could respond to calls.

So as the scouts say, “be prepared”.

“You’re On Your Own” Say Police Departments In Undercover Video

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has produced more undercover video. In this latest installment Project Veritas captured multiple police departments saying “You’re on your own” when it comes to home invasions. Take note of the first policeman saying that in order to obtain a gun permit to deal with an intruder till the cops get to your home takes about a year!

Some of the statements by police departments are as follows:

“We try. We can’t always get there.” – NC

“Sometimes we can’t be anywhere at all because everybody’s tied up.” – Durham, NC

“Lock yourself in a bedroom, start yelling and screaming.” – Jersey City, NJ

“Some people have dogs.” – Yonkers, NY

“Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia.” – East Orange, NJ

“A rifle and shotgun is actually for luxury.” – Kew Gardens, NY

“It’s 2013. It’s the United States of America. You lock your doors and you hope nothing happens.” – NY

According to O’Keefe, “So-called journalists like CNN’s Piers Morgan have invested so much time and energy demonizing gun owners that commonsense advice about self-defense from actual law enforcement officers has been met with an almost hysterical outrage. These media hypocrites have never even bothered to ask about all the lives that guns can SAVE. So we did.”

Katie Pavlich at notes:

The fact is, police have zero obligation to protect you. The District of Columbia Appeals Court ruled in Warren v. District of Columbia that police do not have to provide services to citizens.

The most dramatic is Warren v. District of Columbia, in which three women were sexually violated because of gross negligence on the part of Metropolitan police officers responding to their call. In the early morning hours of March 16, 1975, two men broke down the back door of a D.C. townhouse in Northeast and began raping a woman on the second floor. Her two roommates, hiding one floor above, called the police. According to the court’s opinion, a squad car responded, and the officer failed even to exit his car before leaving. The two women, listening to their roommate scream, called the police again. This time, an officer went so far as to knock at the door, but then left without further inspection.

Once the attackers discovered the other two women, they had their sick, twisted way with all three of them for the next 14 hours (I will not describe any of the details). The women sued the District of Columbia, which argued that “a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.” The District won the case based on what is actually a long-standing legal principle.

The Supreme Court has also ruled police have no obligation to protect or respond.

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.

The decision, with an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia and dissents from Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, overturned a ruling by a federal appeals court in Colorado. The appeals court had permitted a lawsuit to proceed against a Colorado town, Castle Rock, for the failure of the police to respond to a woman’s pleas for help after her estranged husband violated a protective order by kidnapping their three young daughters, whom he eventually killed.

Back in January, O’Keefe and his posse captured video of the hypocrisy of leftist media and politicians who promoted anti-gun agendas on air, but when asked to place a “Gun Free Zone” sign in front of their home, they turned down that opportunity.

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