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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dr. Manning: Obama lied about where his mother and father met, and he lied about where he was born!

Bloody Sunday

Mr. Obama stated in several documented speeches that his father and mother met as they marched on “Bloody Sunday,” 7 March 1965.

Bloody Sunday was a pivotal time during the Civil Rights era when Dr. King led a march from Montgomery to Selma, Alabama demanding equality for Negroes in America.

The birth certificate of Mr. Obama presented in April 2011 notes that he was born in August 1961, four years before Bloody Sunday. Kinda reminds me of the movie “Back to the Future.”

It is not the birth place or birth date of Mr. Obama I wish to write about, but rather the lowering of the bar of integrity afforded Mr. Obama because he is alleged to be Black.

Over the past five years, it has gone from insulting to nauseating watching how the media and the Liberal American public have telegraphed not to expect the “integral and professional standards” from Black people as you would from White people.

When will America demand equality of character from Black people as well as equal or civil rights from White people for Black people? Simple, but equal justice.

On this anniversary of Bloody Sunday, I advise that we commence a movement to demand “equality of character from Blacks” by the Liberal media and American people.

To do anything associated with less is to affirm that the American people and the media does not believe that Black people are capable of acceptable displays of integrity.

Obama lied about where his mother and father met, and he lied about where he was born!

Dr. James David Manning
3 March 2013

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