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Monday, March 25, 2013

Can you see now? Rove Foresees GOP Presidential Candidate Supporting Gay Marriage

The leaders of the GOP are not much different from Democrats. In fact, in the broad plan for the direction of the country, and the world, they are no different.

They are traitors to the Republic, they are working towards the new world order and in doing so are working against America.

The difference in the 2 parties can be described this way, Democrats are wolves in wolves clothing while Republicans are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The Bush administration was perhaps the most insidious in the history of the Republic. Wearing a conservative Christian mask under Bush II they greatly expanded government, exploded spending, stole our rights, and instigated the financial collapse and the subsequent bailouts, the greatest theft in human history.

Not to mention getting us into a never ending war against an enemy they can define any way they decide and any where they decide!

Why would a ‘conservative’ Chief Justice, one John Roberts, come up with a ridiculous way to rule against a challenge to the constitutionality of Obamacare. Because he is not what he seems to be. I predicted that if Justice Kennedy went with the conservatives he would side with the liberals.

Wolf in sheeps clothing, Chief Justice Roberts, forced to bear fangs by Kennedy vote

I predicted this in a previous post: “If this is true, Chief Justice Roberts is the one on the hot seat”.

“I have no idea of the validity of the information in this article but if true, Roberts is hoping Kennedy will side with the liberals on Obamacare so he doesn’t have to.

If it’s upheld 5-4 with Roberts being the swing vote then this information seems a whole lot more plausible!”

Roberts had to pay his dues, Roberts was appointed by Bush II, the son of NWO Bush I, son of NAZI conspirator Prescott Bush, so is it a big surprise that Roberts is owned by the R&R Luciferian bankster cartel, the New World Order elites?

Although he was the junior member of the Supreme Court, Bush made him Chief Justice…we’ve been screwed again!

The left / right paradigm is the matrix! The R&R Luciferian bankster cartel controls them both!

So, it’s not a surprise that Rove and his fellows lean more and more left!

Karl Rove: Next GOP Presidential Candidate Could Support Gay Marriage

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