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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sandy Hook story disappears from website

I found a story ‘The truth will be exposed, the Sandy Hook lie will not withstand. , page1’ with a video at Above Top Secret yesterday,, about the media malpractice; inconsistencies, hidden news broadcasts, surrounding the Sandy Hook shootings.

I had already seen videos on the internet about two other suspects being nabbed at the scene, one in the parking lot and one in the woods. There was nothing in the national media about the other suspects, in fact the immediate national media story was  that it was a lone gunman.

I had started downloading the video when I realized it would take more time than I had since it was over 2 hours long so I put my laptop in hibernate mode which saves the session and powers down so that when you power back up the desktop comes back to where you were.

imageSo about an hour later when I turned the laptop back on to resume the download the webpage said page not found. I had also emailed the webpage address to myself as a failsafe so that if the hibernate didn’t work I could get back to the article, I clicked on the link and got the 404 page not found message. I went to the home page because that’s where I found the article in the first place, it wasn’t there anymore.

Fortunately I had started the download before I shut down the laptop so it was still active when I turned it back on and I was able to download the video. Had I not started the download I would not have been able to find the video again because I did a search using the name of the video and it didn’t show up in the results.

I uploaded it to, don’t know how long it will be there…

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