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Sunday, December 23, 2012

‘Craziest man on earth’ not the first to suggest ‘cops in schools’; Clinton created program and funded it!

The title ‘craziest man on earth’ doesn’t belong to a liberal, lying, cheating, womanizing, serial sex abuser, i.e., Bill Clinton, but to the head of the NRA for suggesting something that Bill Clinton, more than a decade ago, initiated and paid for…cops in schools! They LOVE Clinton and HATE NRA’s LaPierre.

This would be enough to alert the average citizen that something is wrong with the media and politics on a global scale. They hate the man that stands for peace, justice, and the American way, while they love the man with more in common with Castro and the mafia than with traditional American values!

Clinton is worse than Manson, Koresh, and Jeffords in this regard; the women they took were willing while Clinton forced his way upon them, but I digress.

Where was the liberal “outrage” over Clinton's “COPS in School ... archives/ 2012/ 12/ 22/ where-was-the-liberal-outrage-over-clintons-cops-in-school-federal-gr ant-program/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight

21 hours ago ... The NRA came out with a proposal to post armed police officers at schools to prevent or at least minimize the next school shooting. The left ...

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