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Friday, August 3, 2012

The ‘mystery of iniquity’ and the ‘war on terror’ is a war on Christianity

What a diabolical plot; create Islam and stir up a war between Muslims and Christians. Who benefits? The synagogue of Satan, the cabalistic jews.

That’s the scheme the Luciferian R&R bankster cartel came up with to take over the world way back in the late 1700’s. Read about it here

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!? Obama’s Syrian “Rebels” Caught Mass Executing Assad Supporting Civilians In Aleppo!?

August 3, 2012

Who do YOU believe??

My guess is the US Govt. Do you believe the LIES and evil propaganda that Obama is putting out against the Christians in Syria and Assad who defended them? Are you on the WRONG side?

Obama, the ‘prez’ (who is an illegal usurper) has sent a lot of money to help aid Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood in Syria as leaked:

TREASON AGAIN Violation Of Article 4 Section 4: Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Syrian “Rebel” JIHADISTS/Al Queda

And now, (Hat-tips to QV), this is what has taken place:

A horrible video from Syria emerged online, showing an apparent mass execution of Assad supporters in Aleppo at the hands of rebels from the Free Syria Army.

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