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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sign Our Petition - Stop the Leaks!

Sign Our Petition - Stop the Leaks!

Below is the actual language of the Petition you are being asked to sign.

The lending of your name to this Petition calls on
U. S. Representative Peter King to use his powers
as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee
to hold hearings into who leaked the information
that enabled the Pakistani government to arrest and jail
Dr. Shakil Afridi for helping the American government
find Osama bin Laden.

Please join us in beginning to put an end to the leaks
that are hurting our allies and our own warriors.

The Honorable Peter T. King
339 Cannon House Office Building
1st Street & Independence Ave., SE
Washington, D.C. 20515
Twitter repeteking
Tel 202-225-7896
Fax 202-226-2279

Dear Representative King:

We, the undersigned American patriots, request your consideration of our concerns and your support in attaining their remedy.

Whereas, Special Operations have become a critical instrument in the overall United States national security strategy.

Whereas, Special Operations are directed from the highest levels of the National Command Authority, their successful execution impacts a wide array of U.S. regional security goals and objectives.

Whereas, Special Operations are planned, coordinated, executed and evaluated under the highest requirements for operational security (OPSEC), the breaching of which can impact U. S. security goals adversely, and threaten the lives of our forces and their families.

Whereas, U. S. Special Operations Forces are a finite and precision capability not readily replaceable.

Whereas, Special Operations Forces personnel are constrained by law, regulation, and a sense of duty, honor and country to take all possible actions and measures to protect highly classified, compartmentalized Special Operations plans, reports and post-employment evaluations from release to unauthorized entities.

Whereas, the successful execution of Special Operations is directly dependent upon the efforts of the U.S. intelligence community and the timely articulation, transmission and use of that fleeting commodity.

Whereas, the U.S. intelligence community that supports and is supported by Special Operations must develop, direct and sustain deep cover assets in order to gain timely and accurate intelligence for the successful conduct of Special Operations.

Whereas, breaches in OPSEC by the White House, Members of the Cabinet, the press and the movie industry have, ostensibly for political / campaign reasons, divulged to the public details of Special Operations personnel identity(ies) methods, tactics, techniques and procedures that result in new or improved countermeasures being developed by current and potential hostile adversaries around the world.

Whereas, breaches in OPSEC by the White House and members of the Cabinet, most likely for political reasons, provided information that led directly to the identification of Dr. Jamal Alfridi (whose information on the location of Osama bin Laden led to the successful employment of Special Operations Forces) and subjected him to retaliation and imprisonment in his country.

Whereas, the bond of trust between the National Command Authorities, Special Operations Forces, and supporting intelligence activities has been severely damaged and must be restored, we, the undersigned, request that you:

    • initiate Congressional hearings into the circumstances, events, sources of transmission, and unauthorized recipients of any and all classified material associated with Special Operations conducted to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden.
    • initiate Congressional hearings into the circumstances, events, sources and unauthorized recipients of any and all classified material or information associated with support to the United States provided by Dr. Alfridi, the courageous Pakistani doctor who helped our forces locate Osama bin Laden.
    • recommend criminal charges, when appropriate.
    • initiate legislation aimed at precluding OPSEC breaches such as these.

Very respectfully,


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