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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saving polar bears is not the End Game of UN Agenda 21 : a new world order is

The End Game of U.N. AGENDA 21 is far more horrifying:

Karl Koenigs

The COG (Continutity OF Government) U.S. Government planning and the One World U.N. Government, headed by the forty owners of The Federal Reserve cartel pulling all of the Financial puppet strings and through their Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR who drafted U.N. Agenda 21) and IMF divisions have everything well planned and are executing the final steps through all of the Executive Orders and alarming legislation you have been hearing about lately.
The U.S. Government knows that due to contempt for the EIGHTEEN ONLY powers that we granted them under Article I Section 8 (, pursuant to the 9th and 10th Amendments ( and further contempt for the money clauses of Article I Sections 8 and especially 10 (, pursuant to the Supremacy clause of Article VI, para 2 (, our U.S. Dollar is only months away from utter collapse in a 'sudden' black swan 72 hour hyperinflationary event of epic proportions following the last skyrocket ride of the Dow going into hyperdrive to something approaching 16000 and employment in tow. The contempt for the "enumerated powers" clauses (9th & 10th Amendments) has led to TRILLIONS of public debt and UNFUNDED libilities which are totally unsustainable.

The UNFUNDED Liabilities of Social Security and Medicare alone are $118 TRILLION and increasing at the rate of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS every four weeks and ACCELERATING! Everything remaining the same, just for these two programs alone, all Middle Class taxpayers would need to have 80% Withholding taxes to cover them.

Once "The Matrix", our imaginary economy, as the movie analogy a world that only exists in our programmed imaginations, solely based on imaginary money printed and digitized out of thin air, having an imagined value of 100 cents times the denomination simply printed on it, with only 1 - 2 cents on the dollar in, relative, true underlying value, will soon be revalued by the national and international markets to parity with the REAL world underlying true value.

When this happens, I believe before the election as everything accelerates with additional QEs, every single thing we need to live, food, energy, gasoline, clothing, you name it, will cost FIFTY TIMES what it does today. That puts a gallon of gasoline at $191.00. Loaf of bread $155.00. Average home utility bill at $8,100.00 per month, etc, etc, etc...

Of course hardly anybody can afford that so everything mechanical stops almost in its tracks as all of this will happen like a thief in the night over a 72 hour period. It will be like the movie; The Day the Earth Stood Still. And, then the real horror begins. The U.S. Government, which caused all of this by contempt of the "Supreme Laws" that "We The People" ordained and established on them, will give us an offer most of us cannot refuse.

If we will go to the designated U.N. Agenda 21 cities, turn in our vehicles outside of the city limits where armed guards will park you and register, you and your family will get food, water, shelter, heat and light, while the Government works to resolve all of the problems. Of course you will not be allowed to bring any guns and guns will need to be turned in if you want food or water. Think of the New Orleans Dome during Katrina.

They will allow this offer to continue for several months to separate the Free and the Brave from the Tories, Bolsheviks and cowards who either gladly or willingly surrender the Constitution to the usurpers and despots for the sake of feeding their children and eating. After a few months when the millions of "the masses" check into the U.N. Agenda 21 cities under BIG Brother, they will send out U.N. Peacekeepers, foreign troops and "Blue Forces" (traitor U.S. Troops as designated by Janet Napolitano as troops who will be loyal to the U.S. Government and engage and kill American citizens), to "mop-up" and kill those that refused the "Final Ultimatum" to come into the cities and surrender.
When you register at the check point and register to to into the city or designated towns, they U.S. Government will provide a free implanted RFID Chip that will replace the collapsed dollar as your money:

That is end game of "Global Warming" and U.N. Agenda 21. Total control under a one world currency called the RFID Chip and a One World "GREEN" hybrid Socialist/Communist/Fascist U.N. Government with no place on earth to run from the IRS.

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