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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eligibility case in California vs Debra Bowen filed by John Albert Dummett Jr.

  • Hello Friends. The Los Angeles Times and several other publications have picked up on me filing an eligibility case in California vs Debra Bowen. I do not include Barrack Obama in this suit but instead employ Dummett's Dictum. Below is what I wrote. I encourage anyone reading this to contact the LA Times demanding that they interview me for the correct story otherwise I will begin legal proceedings against them.

    Greetings Ms. Williams

    My name is John Albert Dummett Jr. I am a FEC registered Republican candidate for President of the United States. I have just read an article you wrote about a legal proceeding I brought against Debra Bowen, Secretary of State of California.

    Your story starts out stating "Undeterred by documentary evidence and repeated judicial rejection, a group of conspiracy theorists who say President Obama was born in Africa have sued the California secretary of state to demand that she verify the eligibility of all presidential candidates before putting them on the November ballot" This statement is an outright lie. I am not aligned with the Birther movement and I do not nor have I said that I believe Barrack Obama was born in Africa. You also state "Undeterred by documentary evidence and repeated judicial rejection" I challenge you to show me the documentary proof in evidence anywhere that sheds any light as to who Barrack Obama is.None has been released and anything that could prove who Barrack Obama is has been sealed by the Courts. What information is so sensitive that it needs to be sealed from the eyes of the people of the United States of America?

    I have been a computer programmer analyst for the State of California for over twenty years. Currently I work for the California Department of Fish and Game. I am an expert in electronic document generation using Adobe and Oracle programming languages. The document that Barrack Obama waved in all of our noses on national television is beyond a doubt a forgery and can easily be proved so. Besides that, not a single independent document specialist has ever examined said document so that piece of paper waved in our faces might as well have been toilet tissue because there is no proof what so ever that document is a legal document at all. To accept this document as a genuine document is irresponsible and only serves to confuse an electorate who already have questions about the authenticity of Barrack Obama's identity.

    But like every other person who has been duped by Barrack Obama, the mainstream media automatically assumes that it is where and when Barrack Obama was born when nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that matters Constitutionally, and the mainstream media perpetuates a falsehood to justify an illegal presidency, is not where Barrack Obama was born, but where his parents were born. If you had done your homework you would have read what the Constitution actually says and what was in the minds of those who founded this nation when they penned Article II Section I clause V of the United States Constitution. A natural born citizen is a child of two parents either naturalized in the United States or born on US soil before their children are. This is the only way that natural born citizenship status is conferred upon the children of people born or naturalized in the United States. Barrack Obama's own admission places his father's birth in Kenya Africa. This fact alone precludes Barrack Obama from being eligible from being President because he could never have natural born citizenship status ascribed to him. It is the mainstream media like the Los Angeles Times that is perpetuating a lie and creating a Constitutional crisis of monumental proportions. It does not matter if Obama was born on the Fourth of July in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House. The only type of citizenship that Barrack Obama is entitled to is native born citizenship. But since no record has ever been released or independently examined or verified, nobody in the United States can say with any degree of certainty what Barrack Obama's citizenship status legally is.

    In my case, I brought up a suit vs Debra Bowen to force her to verify that any person running for President of the United States proves that they meet all three Constitutional requirements to be President of the United States. To refresh you to what those eligibility requirements are. as stated in Article II Section I Clause V of the United States Constitution, just in case you are just misinformed, to be eligible to be President you must be over thirty five years old, you must be a continuous resident of the United States for fourteen years and most importantly of all, you must be a natural born citizen. This section of the clause differs between that of a Senator or Representative in that to be either of those you merely have to be a US Citizen. The distinction Natural Born is reserved for President and Vice President only. This clause was included to prevent anyone with divided loyalties from becoming President of the United States. This is why Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot be President of the United States. It is common knowledge that he was born in Austria.There are four separate Supreme Court cases that speak about what is meant by Natural Born Citizen but the media parses the truth to confuse the electorate in order to perpetuate an illegal presidency.The electorate of the United States have been hoodwinked with the help of the mainstream media. I have been labeled a Birther when I could care less where Barrack Obama was born. What matters to me is the United States Constitution is adhered to. We are a nation of laws where the Constitution serves as the foundation upon which we have built this nation. If we cannot enforce the one most important provision of that document, which prevents a usurper from gaining control of our nation, then we are no longer a nation of laws. The lawsuit I filed is not directed at any one individual. It excludes no one, not even myself. The Constitution is not ambiguous what so ever. It states that a Natural Born Citizen is the only individual eligible to hold the highest office in this land.

    The first few paragraphs of your story are complete and total fabrications. First there is no documentary evidence what so ever that Barrack Obama is eligible to hold the office he now does. Secondly I do not say nor do I know where Barrack Obama was born because no evidence exists or is not under sea,l that can shed any light as to where and when he was born. The people of the United States do not just have to take the word of the government we elect that what they say is the gospel truth. We have the right to examine the background of any individual who would lead this nation and to hide any documentary evidence that could prove one way or another the truth surrounding the citizenship status of Barrack Obama is a crime against the people of the United States.

    I am asking politely before I seek a suit of libel and slander against you and the Los Angeles Times to get the facts of what I am doing. I am a candidate for President of the United States who is demanding that all candidates meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Article II Section I Clause V of the United States Constitution.. In my mind there is a clear case of malice presented in your article because you have labeled me something I am not. I am the architect of the strategy behind the numerous lawsuits filed across America directed towards the individual Secretary of States of all fifty States as well as the mainstream parties responsible to verify that anyone seeking the Presidency of the United States meets the requirements stated in Article II Section I Clause V of the United States Constitution before being placed upon a primary or general election ballot. I have not singled out a any one individual or group. If you read my complaint you will see that this is the case.

    I am asking that you conduct an interview with me so you get the facts of the story you printed right. As it stands right now you have libeled and slandered my good name. That name I am using to run for President of the United States and if what you have printed labels me as a Birther instead of a defender of the United States Constitution I will seek the appropriate action to clear my name.

    Thank you for your time and I pray that you do the right thing by interviewing me to get the correct story rather than a fabricated one meant to defame my character.

    John Albert Dummett Jr. (R) Presidential Candidate 2012

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