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Monday, February 20, 2012

UN Agenda 21's Masdar initiative, no private property and no cars

The banksters plan is to put you in cages and let the animals roam free!

This is not in the US but in Dubai by the way. If you look at the BioDiversity map of the US you'll find very little land set aside for us humans. It looks like the plan is to punish us for abusing Mother Earth and either kill us off or banish most of us to another continent altogether, say in Asia.

A funny thing happened as I was browsing the internet newsites a short while ago. I saw this story where someone using Google Earth found these brand new cities in China that were completely empty. What do you suppose they are doing building empty cities? The story went on to say that they are planning on building 20 cities a year for 20 years. I'm sure they wont stay empty.


  1. I saw this in a show...a was called Logan's Run....

    1. A particular part or the concept of humans controlled by the elite??