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Friday, February 3, 2012

Since we drove God out of the schools…

2011 Monitoring the Future Findings:

Daily Marijuana Use :
8th grade            1.3%
10th grade          3.6%
12th grade          6.6%
*Perceived risk of dangers of Marijuana have fallen for the past five years which have resulted in increased use by youths.

Easy accessibility of Marijuana:
8th grade            38%
10th grade          68%
12th grade          82%

Current Tobacco Use:
8th grade             6%
10th grade          12%
12th grade          19%

Easy accessibility of Tobacco:
8th grade            52%
10th grade          74%

Current Alcohol Use:
8th grade            13%
10th grade          28%
12th grade          40%

Easy accessibility of Alcohol:
8th grade            59%
10th grade          78%

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