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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can you say anti-Christ?

If not ‘The Anti-Christ’; the Muslim has certainly shown open disdain for Christians when at times him but feigns affinity for Christianity when it suits his needs…

Why is Obama so willing to write off huge voting blocks prior to the 2012 election. Now he obstinately defies the Catholic Church and fundamental Christians and recently announced he wasn’t even going to pursue the white vote, does he know something we don’t? Like maybe he doesn’t need your vote because there wont be any elections in 2012.

The nation teeters on the edge of financial collapse, Syria, Egypt and Iran are heating up, the ‘occupy’ movement has been ordered to ramp up the violence by puppet master George Soros, can you say martial law…

UPDATE: Catholics leaders criticize birth control order...
Army Tries To Silence Chaplains...
Bishop: 'Hitler and Mussolini' 'Would Love Our School System'...


We can’t go on this way, and we wont…

Are you prepared for the coming collapse? How do you plan to feed your family? When your dollar is worthless, and the government has confiscated your gold, how will you buy food?

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