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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Agenda 21 will break home owners not already broken by the housing crisis

Septic tank issue just tip of the iceberg

Wake County Commissioner and Congressional Candidate Paul Coble Appears in Goldsboro

By Bill Johnston·February 23, 2012·

Wake County Commissioner Chairman Paul Coble

Wake County Commissioner Chairman Paul Coble was in Goldsboro yesterday at the invitation of Linda Harper, President of the Wayne County Tea Party.

Coble appeared at Lane Tree Golf Club and Conference Center to talk about issues he has been working on with the commissioners, as well as his quest to become the Republican candidate for District 13, United States Congress.

The candidate spent a great deal of time talking about Agenda 21. That is considered “global legislation” enacted by the United Nations designed to ultimately shift resources and energy from the United States to countries that don’t have energy today.

Coble was recently presented a study with recommendations to the Wake County Commissioners that, if enacted, would have had a significant impact on everyone. He cited septic tanks as an example. Agenda 21 would call for all septic tanks to have a monitor that would tell homeowners if the tank needed servicing.

He said the monitor would cost about $1,500, yet only ½ of 1% of septic tanks need repair annually, and of those less than half are faulty. But Agenda 21 would have had made it law to install the monitor on over 64,000 homes.

When asked about what he would do about the Eastern North Carolina economy, his message was to cut regulation and get out of the way of business owners. “The best ideas I have come from people in meetings just like this.”

Coble has not decided if he wins if he will open a congressional office in Goldsboro. Wayne County Commissioner Steve Keen commented about the benefit of having congressional influence by tying Wayne County to Wake County.

Curtis Media 2012. Written by Bill Johnston.

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