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Friday, January 6, 2012

Why healthcare costs up: Illegal Alien Stays Free in Hospital 1 Year; 12 Surgeries

Not only is this a stunning example of how illegals are bankrupting the US but it destroys the left’s attempt to demonize America’s doctors and trash our healthcare system.

And the folly that we need Obamacare because the poor (legal citizens) are turned away …we don’t even turn away illegal aliens!

Man set to go home today after more than year at Fresno hospital     

His was longest acute-care hospital stay.

By Barbara Anderson - The Fresno Bee

Doctors say Marco Antonio Fuentes is well enough to go home today.

At last.

Fuentes has spent 374 days at Community Regional Medical Center, the longest uninterrupted stay by a patient at the Fresno acute-care hospital, according to staff recollection.

"God has helped me to make it in here and to make it out of here," Fuentes said softly from the edge of his hospital bed Tuesday.

Doctors struggled to keep him alive since Fuentes was admitted to the hospital Dec. 26, 2010, with an excruciating belly ache.

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