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Friday, January 20, 2012

If our schools were as obsessed with teaching as with brain washing…

The reason the administration can openly break the laws and ignore the constitution is that the schools have produced generations of historically illiterate students who have been taught little or nothing about the founding of our nation and our constitution.

The schools have been too busy teaching diversity and class warfare, and other socialist minutia under the guidance of the UN and the ruling class in preparation for the new world order, to teach US history.

If the masses had any knowledge of how our government is supposed to function Obama and his minions would be behind bars at the very least.

The Diversity Mania

By George Leef
Here is a memo from a large academic department at the University of North Carolina:
Dear All,
I am completing our annual departmental diversity survey and need you to respond to me on three questions, if applicable. 
1.       Please list the most important conferences, events, seminars, symposia, or advising activities related to diversity that your unit provided in the Spring 2011, Fall 2011, or in Summer 2011.
2.       Please provide up to five citations with full bibliographical information regarding research published during calendar year 2011 by faculty or students in your unit concerning issues of diversity.
3.       Please provide information regarding important engagement activities during calendar year 2011 by faculty or students in your unit concerning issues of diversity that are not listed above.
Please email me your responses by Weds, January 25th.

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