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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Huge document dump on Newt today, hmmm…

This massive attack (I submitted a post on it earlier) on Newt is beginning to look like a coordinated hit job. I’m not sure what to make of it.

I know, I saw the video of him sitting with witch Pelosi and his love life is problematic but would a ruling class insider face this kind of onslaught.

Maybe the insiders are revealing themselves as the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ in this broadside in order to knock out a valid non NWO candidate. I say valid because they don’t think Dr. Paul is a valid candidate at this time so Newt is the threat.

Some of the attackers are pillars of conservatism, or maybe we thought they were, maybe they are on the inside, maybe it is they who are in the ruling class.

I’ve never thought of Dole as in the conservative wing of the party so I’m not surprised that he is attacking but all of them together…

Maybe Newt is a strong conservative who has just made a few missteps, I wonder, somebody help me out here! 


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