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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stock up before the bottom drops out! Not with silver or gold, you can’t eat them, but with food!

What are you going to do when it takes a day’s wages to by a loaf of bread?

I pulled what little money I had in out of a 401k and bought silver with it to have something to trade with when the dollar crashes because of the US debt and the governments inability to deal with it honorably.

The FED has been creating money out of nothing (Quantitative Easing (QE) ) to prop up the economy but sooner or later someone has to pay the piper.

We’ve been experiencing inflation with rising fuel and food prices but the government is hiding that fact by discontinuing the counting of food and fuel prices in it’s method of determining inflation.

But the day is coming when they won’t be able to stem the tide. The debt is too large and the QE’s weakening of the dollar will inevitably lead to a collapse of historic proportions.

Food is going to become more desirable than gold as hyperinflation kicks in, after all, you can’t eat gold.

What are you going to do when it takes a day’s wages to by a loaf of bread?

I decided not to wait to find out. I looked for an economical way to stockpile enough food to ride out the coming collapse.

I found a way to buy survival foods incrementally instead of having to come up with a hefty lump sum amount of money to by a year or two or three’s of freeze dried provisions.

I found GoFoods, a company that makes quality survival foods for reasonable prices,  and a way to get the provisions on a recurring basis at a cost that wouldn’t bust my budget.

I joined and became an independent business owner (IBO) because of the convenient auto-ship that allows me to get survival food incrementally feature.

I also thought that you may be thinking the same things I was thinking before I came across GoFoods and I can help you by telling you what I found.

You have go through an IBO to buy from GoFoods. I did not join GoFoods to get rich but to get prepared.  But since this is their business plan, you can buy or join GoFoods at my website below.

You will probably want to share this opportunity with family and friends and choose to join as an IBO yourself…not to get rich, but to share with your family and friends how to get prepared for the coming collapse. Click on the image below: 


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