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Monday, December 5, 2011

Money at the root of Penn State’s failure to act in sex abuse and climategate scandals

Is there a Penn State Climategate scandal?

Protest over Penn State scandal

The recent revelations of alleged long term child abuse by Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, have lead to the firings of iconic coach Joe Paterno, other staff members and Graham Spanier, the University President.
But is this just the tip of the iceberg?
It doesn't seem that Paterno or Spanier were involved in the actual abuse, but the finger points to their knowledge of the abuse and by turning a blind eye, they allowed it to continue.
Bad enough that young boys are alleged to have been raped, sexually molested and abused, but equally criminal, is that it could have been nipped in the bud and stopped,....if those in charge had not been seduced themselves, by money and power.

Football at Penn State is a huge moneymaker, any threat to it, no matter how horrendous, would be swept under the rug, so it seems. From the President on down, a sort of pass the buck attitude hid the abuse that occurred under their watch. Abuse that if made public, would cripple the sports program and effect money flowing to the school.
As more of this sex scandal unfolds, along with the malfeasance used to cover it up, it starts to shed a different light on another simmering scandal. This scandal is casting a pall over the Penn States science department and has worldwide implications.
This scandal concerns questionable scientific data that emanated from science professor, Michael Mann. It is being asserted his data was manipulated to create the now infamous hockey stick graph, used to falsely predict soaring global temperatures. This is the same hockey stick used to beat us over the head by Al Gore and others in his movement, in order to convince us that mankind was causing global warming.
Twice the university was called upon to conduct major academic investigations into the procedures and data used to back up Professor Manns Hockey stick theory. Under the watchful eye of now fired and disgraced President Spanier nothing was turned up. But if child abuse could be easily swept under the rug, why wouldn't a scientific scandal that could threaten the flow of millions to the university? Especially when it is learned that last year the university allocated over 800 million dollars for research , 470 million of which were federal grants and research contracts.
With the release last week of another 5,000 hacked emails between scientists central to the global warming movement, it is starting to become plain that where there's global warming smoke...There's global warming scandal brewing. Could it be that grants are awarded on the basis of scientific outcome?
There are renewed calls for an investigation into Professor Mann's global warming numbers, now that Penn State no longer has disgraced President Spanier in charge. For the future of this institution there needs to be a thorough and honest cleansing of the way it conducts itself...Stay tuned.

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