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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Protecting free speech not one of the reasons Kerry served in the military apparently.

In my opinion the ‘winter soldier’, John Kerry, went into the military to serve himself, but that’s another story…

Want Proof of How Democrats Would Shut You Up, Tea Partiers?

Posted on August 6, 2011 by Conservative Byte

On MSNBC, John Kerry told us that Tea Party ideas are not “real” ideas, not “factual,” and thinks that the media should stop reporting on anything that smacks of ideas or news coming from Tea Partiers. If this isn’t proof of how Democrats and leftists would use the power of government to quash free political speech, what is?

Not long ago, several Democrats tried to once again raise the ugly head of the defunct Fairness Doctrine that was killed during the Reagan administration in order to limit the free political speech of conservatives. In those dark days when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House of Representatives, several Republicans talked about forever outlawing the anti-free speech rule. Democrats at the time spoke up in favor of the Fairness Doctrine and countered that they wanted to bring it back.

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