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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Martial Law: Obama wants an independent Palestinian state by September

September, isn’t that right before the elections? This is a tinder box issue if ever there was one, and Obama knows it. So this is how he plans on staying in office since he has no chance at the ballot box!

Abbas: Given options, we won’t go to UN

Palestinian president says negotiations deadlocked due to two problems – borders and security – leading to planned September statehood declaration backed by 116 states. 'But if US has another option, we won't go to UN,' he says

Roee Nahmias

06.21.11, 00:25 / Israel News

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday he would forgo a September declaration of state at the UN if the United States could provide a better suggestion.

"I don't know if the US has another option, but if it does, we will not go to the UN," Abbas told Lebanese television station LBC.

Abbas, who claims 116 of the 195 member states of the UN General Assembly are willing to recognize a Palestinian state, has stressed that his government would go through with the declaration if negotiations with Israel remain deadlocked.

Second Thoughts?

'Abbas looking for way out of UN bid' / Elior Levy and AP

Palestinian sources say their president would rather abandon UN gambit at this time, forging on to maintain credibility

"Going to the UN is not a unilateral move, as Israel claims," he said. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed recently that Israel's aim was to achieve a "moral majority" – 30 states opposing the declaration.

"President Obama says he wants to see an independent Palestinian state by September. The Quartet has said the same. Fayyad's government has guaranteed its authorities will be prepared for a state, and they are one-hundred percent ready. These three reasons caused us to speak of September. That, in addition to the absence of negotiations," Abbas said in the interview.

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