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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japan experiences unprecedented wave of UFO sightings after earthquake and tsunami

Do you believe in UFO’s? I do, I’ve seen at least one. I don’t think they’re from another planet though but from another dimension…the dimension of demons! They are part of the new world order deception.

Astonishing UFO footage from Japan heralds open alien contact

Michael Cohen

The unprecedented wave of UFO sightings and footage that accompanied the tragic earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan has not abated. Only this week what is being billed as some of best UFO footage (see video below) ever captured has been filmed at various locations around the country. In one clip a clear saucer-shaped UFO is seen hovering above power lines during daytime hours. In other clips fleets of UFOs are performing manoeuvres that many Japanese observers and scientists are suggesting might well be messages of hope along with the promise of open contact, by aliens with humanity, by the year's end.

To emphasize the connection between natural disasters and UFOs it should be noted that only three weeks ago this publication reported a UFO fleet seen crossing over the Krasnodar region in Russia: Now a crop circle has been discovered in a field in the area and many are interpreting it as a warning of a devestating earthquake that might hit the region.

Russian scientists linked with government sponsored UFO research units are suggesting, in light of this and other events, that open contact might take place as early as September 10 of this year when a UFO following the comet Elenin might land and its alien occupants announce their presence to humanity.

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