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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What grades did Obama have in college?

BEAKING: Obama got all C’s and D’s in college and law school

Here’s a piece from Jennifer Rubin calling Obama out on the ignoramus that he is. Rubin hits hard with:

He displays contempt for Americans who don’t agree with his flawed policies, in effect instructing them to shut up. But his arrogance is both unwise (these people vote!) and undeserved. Had he not spent trillions on a flawed Keynesian economics, had he not botched the Middle East peace talks, had he not misread the mullahs, had he not mistaken appeasement for “reset” with Russia, and had he not hired ill-prepared senior advisers (who now must be cast off), his self-satisfaction might be warranted. But to put it bluntly, where does a garden-variety leftist with a track record as bad as his get off telling the voters that they lack adequate reasoning skills?

This is part of her rebuttal against all the Obama cultists who claim this man is an “intellectual”. Rubin calls him a snob.

We go a step further and call him out as the poster boy for Affirmative Action that he is.

If Obama had done well at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard, he would have turned his college and law school transcripts into wallpaper so his cultists could wallpaper their mothers’ basements with them. There, they’d eat their Hot Pockets, wearing their faded, ill-fitting (too many Hot Pockets!) HOPE! tee shirts and gaze up in wonder at all the A’s and maybe one or two B’s Obama received…if those were really his grades.

We remember the 2000 campaign where Al Gore released his college records in an effort to prove he was smarter than George W. Bush, a Harvard MBA. Bush then released his transcripts…and he not only had a higher GPA than Gore, but took harder classes too. Instead of Underwater Basket Weaving and Intermediate Farting, Bush took, you know, FINANCE courses and BUSINESS classes. Oh, yah, and he also learned how to fly airplanes in the Reserves.

Obama was a C or D student in college who was passed and promoted aggressively because he was a smiling, biracial, man with a weird name who more likely than not played up on his Muslim upbringing in Indonesia in all of his college admissions essays and other course work. That’s the sort of thing Columbia and Harvard JUST LOVE…so we can’t imagine he ever hid any of that. It’s what made him interesting to the academic elite…this little brown boy raised in the jungles of the Pacific, mentored by Frank Marshall, with that Kenyan last name.

They just ate that stuff up.

There’s a reason Obama won’t release those transcripts…or any of the other dozens of documents he spends millions of dollars concealing. Historians will eventually find them all, and one day in the future when all of us are long dead future Americans will have a better, if not ever fully accurate, picture of who the 44th President of the United States was.

We bet this “intellectual” will, in the end, ultimately be proved to be that C or D student we suspect, among other things he’s done such a good job hiding.

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