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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tom Sawyer, The Man Left Covered In Urine, Says TSA Broke Promise

Mark Twain would have been appalled at the treatment of Tom Sawyer!

Local Man Says TSA Broke Promise

Tom Sawyer, experienced rough airport patdown: "I'm kind of ambivalent at the moment about TSA and moving forward. I don't see the moving forward."

A local man says the TSA has broken a promise. Three months after an embarrassing airport patdown, a former DeWitt High School teacher says the TSA isn't following through to make sure passengers with medical conditions are treated with respect. Tom Sawyer says TSA officials aren't keeping up their end of the bargain.

Tom Sawyer: "I left the meeting feeling very good and I thought it was the government at its best in action, I really did. I was very pleased and now I'm wondering."

Wondering because it's been three months since Tom Sawyer met with Transportation Security Administration officials in Washington DC to brainstorm ways TSA agents could better respect passengers with medical conditions.

Tom Sawyer: "We talked about the badges that they have on their website now that maybe would alleviate some of it, more thorough training of the TSA agents in medical conditions."

That meeting, motivated by what happened to sawyer last November, when a rough airport patdown ruptured his urostomy bag.

Tom Sawyer: "Off came the urostomy bag and urine."

An embarrassing moment that quickly gained national attention, motivating Sawyer to work with the TSA to make sure other travelers with medical conditions were treated with more dignity.

Tom Sawyer: "I was under the assumption that this would be an ongoing dialogue."

But after months with no further discussion, nor plans to reconvene, Sawyer feels let down and now questions the TS's intentions from the start.

Tom Sawyer: "I wonder, was this a dog and pony show? Was this just done to try and ameliorate what was done wrong, or are they really serious and just haven't had time to bring the consortium back together yet?"

Questions Sawyer would one day like to have answered by the TSA.

Tom Sawyer: "I really hope that they bring us back together again, because I just think there's so much more to talk about and I think we, we could help them."

Sawyer says he plans to continue to follow up with TSA officials until he gets answers. 6 News tried to contact the TSA but our calls weren't returned.

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