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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Palestinian Arab delegation walked out during Hillary Clinton speech to the Human Rights Council

Not surprised at the walkout nor the non media coverage, I’m surprised that Hillary said it! Maybe Hillary doesn’t want the media to report that she said it.

Why the cover-up of the Palestinian Arab insult to Hillary?

Ma'an Arabic reports the story we posted this morning  about how the Palestinian Arab delegation to the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva walked out during Hillary Clinton's speech, upset that she said that the UNHRC spends way too much time criticizing Israel.

The Palestinian Arab ambassador to the UNHRC, Ibrahim Khreisheh, was interviewed on the radio about the decision, complaining about Clinton's referring to the "structural bias" that the UNHRC has against only one state. He said that the speech referred to human rights violations against citizens of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Iran, but not "Palestine."

However, Ma'an's English edition does not yet have this story.
It's been 24 hours since her speech and still no English language news outlet has covered the Palestinian Arab walkout.
A major insult to the US by the Palestinian Arabs is being knowingly covered up by the media.
UPDATE: Ma'an finally mentioned it. We'll see if anyone else does.

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