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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Obama, the man Khrushchev envisioned when he said ‘we will bury you’

Nightmares of my father: Back to the USSR?

SAN DIEGO—Mar. 2— This is taken from The California Review on July 9th, 2009. Much to the dismay of some Americans, my father's warnings about the U.S. falling prey to socialism and communism have come alive.

Impending bailouts of privatized companies and banks. Impending plans for socialized health care. Impending threats to freedom of speech. With these dramatic shifts to a more centrally-planned market, society and government, the perils of a left-leaning society are imminent, as my father predicted.

A man formerly oppressed under the Soviet regime in the Baltic Republic of Lithuania, my father has grown weary of the country he has adopted as his homeland.

He envisioned the United States as a place of economic prosperity hindered by few barriers, a place of freedom to pursue anything with no persecution and a place to create a business with few restrictions. Yet the recent actions of the Obama Administration have confirmed my father’s belief that the government and the Democratic Party have adopted principles known to be detrimental to society.

As the prime mover of my conservative upbringing, my father has warned against the ulterior motives posed by liberals, who largely resemble the communist leaders that he encountered when living in Lithuania. If I ever were to be brainwashed into liberal dogma, then he would have failed to raise me correctly.

My father had stressed his desire to come to a country not threatened by Soviet infiltration, with no talk of encroaching on human rights or individual values. He never thought that Soviet-style socialism could infiltrate a great country like the United States.

Yet, the possibility of going “back to the U.S.S.R.” appears likely if Republicans, conservatives, and Americans alike do not rise up and take a stance on the direction our country is heading in.

The United States has been a country that ensures “life, liberty, and property” as the Declaration of Independence postulates. The rightful place of the United States government is to “secure liberty, not seize it” as Rush Limbaugh puts it, in respect to the wise words of our Founding Fathers.

In this critical time, true conservatives understand the great threat to America liberalism presents. Advocating soft punishment for criminals, levying too many taxes, spending excessively, to name a few, would make our Founding Fathers turn in their graves.

To prevent such from happening, Americans must rise up and say “No” to any unnecessary changes that our Congress is making without the consent of its constituents. As the true purveyors of values, liberties and customs, conservatives must prove that their cause is a full-fledged one.

We must defend all that we are fully entitled to, and not let an oppressive government seize our endowed rights.

It is imperative for high school graduates and college students alike to note the threat that an increasingly powerful government poses. The naiveté found in today’s youth about the dangerous ideology they are adopting must be exposed. The mentality of “everything is free and entitled” cannot persevere in a society grounded in freedom and individualism.

Communism goes against human nature, as history demonstrated, to ultimately result in the destruction of innovation, ingenuity, and competition—the driving forces that ensure a flourishing human civilization.

On February 19th, 2011, my father spoke to the San Diego chapter of Eagle Forum. He cited his frustration with his fellow citizens for allowing Obama's radical transformation of America. Additionally, he stressed the importance of involving and gauging young people in the Conservative Movement. Watch the video here.

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