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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3,000+ foot long mysterious black blob of killer “toxic goo” found near Florida coast

 Appears to be GROWING

From a distance the toxic goo looks like oil, but up close it smells like rotten eggs and wiggles like jelly. Scientists have no idea what it is or how it wound up in the northern Gulf of Mexico… [j]ust off the Florida Panhandle coastline, within site of Perdido Key…

[S]cientists have discovered an underwater mass of dead sea life that appears to be growing as microscopic algae and bacteria get trapped and die.

Early samples indicate the glob is at least three feet thick and spans two-thirds of a mile parallel to the coast. …

Tests also showed that tiny organisms had been getting stuck to the blob and dying as a result.

David Hollander, a chemical oceanographer with the University of South Florida:

  • The substance is “extraordinarily sticky” and toxic.
  • “It seems to be a combination of algae and bacteria.”

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