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Monday, January 24, 2011

This cynical five-a-day myth: Nutrition expert claims we've all been duped

Nutrition expert: We've been duped on fruits, veggies

'I've known that the 5-a-day mantra we're all so familiar with is nothing but a fairytale'

With great fanfare, it was reported last week that the current health advice about eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is outdated, and that scientists now believe that eight portions is more beneficial.

While many people grumbled about how on earth they would manage those extra portions, I ­allowed myself a wry smile.

For more than two years I’ve known that the ‘five-a-day’ mantra we’re all so familiar with is nothing but a fairytale.

Myth: The truth is that fruit and veg are pretty useless nutritionally

Of course, they are tasty, colourful additions to any meal. But in terms of health and nutrition, fruit and veg have little to offer, and telling us to eat eight portions a day is compounding one of the worst health fallacies in recent history.

Surprised? Many people will be, and no doubt some dieticians and nutritionists will reject my arguments. But science backs me up.

The latest findings come from a European study into diet and health looking at 300,000 people in eight countries…

…Another problem is that dieticians tell you to eat less fat. We’re told that fat is bad for us but this has not been proven at all.

Of course, man-made trans-fats such as those found in biscuits and cakes are very unhealthy and should be banned.

But natural fats such as those in eggs, meat and fish should not be demonised alongside trans-fats. They are essential to our wellbeing and they are what we’ve lived on for thousands of years.

According to a recent survey, the British people are deficient in ­vitamins A, D, E — all of which are fat-soluble. If we added a dollop of butter to our portion of vegetables, they would be better for us — not worse.


  1. We should always include vitamins and supplements to support our health. However, we should also remember that these are just alternatives and we must focus more on eating proper food.

  2. I heard veggies have one vitamin and one mineral that are essential in our diet....and that veggies do contain two other vitamins, but we need fat to absorb them. On the other hand, MEAT, has most of our vitamin and mineral requirements! Wow, isn't government propaganda wonderful?! Eat those veggies and fruits! LoL! Pass me a steak!