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Monday, January 31, 2011

Abolish the NEA: The deliberate dumbing down of society

The Astounding Failure of the US Educational System

The below article titled “The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Docile”, by John Taylor Gatto is a fine read as a complement to my latest article “Inside the Illusory Empire of the Banking Commodities Con Game.”  Who is John Taylor Gatto? Mr. Gatto was the NYC “Teacher of the Year” three times, and a teacher that became highly disillusioned with the formal education system due to its failures to stimulate critical thinking in children.

I find it odd that people that find value in the information I provide to my clients as well as information that I provide publicly on my blog often desire to know of me, “Where did you go to school?” I find it even odder that many people find my attendance of an Ivy League university to be validating of my knowledge base and thinking skill set, as if attending an expensive university is responsible for the thought processes that have enabled many of my big picture, long-term predictions of the global economy to be accurate. I believe there is absolutely no correlation between the cost of an education and intelligence or even between formal education and knowledge, although oddly people believe this relationship to exist.

If there is a provable relationship between formal education and intelligence, it is probably an inverse one. The more letters you have behind your name (MBA, PhD, JD, MFA, CPA) the greater level of stupidity one likely possesses, as the attainment of a higher level of education means that one has been exposed for a far longer time period than the average citizen to the indoctrination process.

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