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Friday, January 29, 2010

UN Commission accused of employing different criteria in assessing ‘war crimes’ evidence.

Dershowitz critiques Goldstone report

NEW YORK - Just as Israel prepares to rebut a report condemning its military offensive in Gaza last winter, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is charging the authors of the Goldstone Report with basing their conclusions on biased evidence and flawed analyses.
In a 49-page critique, "The Case Against the Goldstone Report: A Study in Evidentiary Bias," Dershowitz accuses the Goldstone Commission of employing different criteria in assessing evidence against Israel and Hamas.
"They skew it one way against Israel and another way against Hamas," Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post in an interview on Wednesday.
According to a copy of Dershowitz's analysis, "The Goldstone Report, when read in full and in context, is much worse than most of its detractors believe."
"It is far more accusatory of Israel, far less balanced in its criticism of Hamas, far less honest in its evaluation of the evidence, far less responsible in drawing its conclusion, far more biased against Israeli than Palestinian witnesses, and far more willing to draw adverse inferences of intentionality from Israeli conduct and statements than from comparable Palestinian conduct and statements," he added. More>>

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