Skorzeny "alleges" that U.S. Navy Pilot- George H.W. Bush was really SS Nazi Spy- George H. Scherff Jr.

Skorzeny alleges that George Herbert Walker Bush was/is an SS Nazi spy, as was he. “Allegedly”, George H.W. Bush was born in Germany as George H. Scherff Jr., the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla’s German born, illegal immigrant, accountant George H. Scherff Sr. George Sr. had been robbing Tesla blind for years & giving Tesla’s secret inventions directly to Adolph Hitler. In 1938, Hitler sent 14 year old George H. Scherff Jr. to America to try to befriend, spy on,& kill the Great American Inventor, Dr. Nikola Tesla!

Skorzeny claims that George later forged a birth certificate evidencing he was older. He falsely claimed that his last name was Bush, the son of Prescott & joined the U.S. Navy. Skorzeny claims that he did not fly 58 combat missions for the U.S. Navy as claimed. He also claims that George H.W. Bush deliberately sabotaged his Grumman TBF Avenger.

He radioed his position to his Nazi comrades waiting in a German submarine below, shot his instrument panel full of holes, and then he put the plane into a steep nosedive, & parachuted to safety. His tail-gunner Lt. Junior Grade William White and Radioman Second Class John Delaney were not able to get out of the plane and parachute to safety because of the tremendous g-forces. The radioman & tail gunner were both killed while George Herbert Walker Bush survived.

George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W. Bush "allegedly" wasn't born in America, yet the cowardy, prudent, foreign born "alleged" Nazi Bush was allowed to become a "usurper" / U.S. President!