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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Jew Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev on how terrible white people are - YouTube

The Jew Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev on how terrible white people are - YouTube

The war on (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) WASP!

Wow, this is eye opening. If you saw this man walking down the street wouldn't you think he is white?  Mike Wallace when asked about having a white history month replied to Morgan Freeman, I'm Jewish.They are not black, not yellow, not red, and, in their eyes not white. What does that leave?

Academia has been infected with this kind of stuff for decades. One of the missions of the Jesuits is to infiltrate and corrupt institutions of learning in the Protestant nations. The overall mission of the Jesuits is a counter - Reformation. They were formed as a military Order, That's why their leader is called the Superior General. Once the Roman Pontiff, the pope, was the ruler of the world -- Pontifus Maximus, a title stolen from Julius Caesar. The Jesuits swore to restore him to that position.

They don't war in the traditional manner but through infiltration, sedition, rabble rousing (think Father Phegler and Jeremiah Wright) deception. They will assume any identity their superior assigns to them. They will be a Baptist, a professor, a sports coach, a politician, an assassin, a lawman, a soldier, a counslor/advisor to rulers. And they play their roles as well as the very best actors. If a Baptists pastor, you would never guess he was a Jesuit. He would not radically depart from Baptist teachings but subtly, stealthily, over time introduce false teachings.

This video exposes the essence of eliteness, the essence of racism, This is the view of a member of the master race, the chosen race. This kind of language against any other group would be deemed racists by their standards and probably hate speech. But white are not entitled to racism protections. 

How ironic that they have managed to deflect criticism by accusing others of the very things they do. They perfected the victim mentality with their charges of antisemitism. They perfected it and passed it along to the blacks as racism and stirred them up unto agitation. It wasn't blacks that created the NAACP, it was Jews. They did the same with women as JD Rockefeller started and bankrolled woman's suffrage.

Hitler and the Nazis were vilified and accused of trying to create the master race. I've wondered if there were Jesuit infiltrators in Hitlers inner circle who pushed the master race motif. How much of the story of Germany and the NAZIs is true and how much is exaggeration and fabrication? Think upon this Hitler quote "The victor will never be asked if he told the truth. The victors wrote the history of the 20th century! Did they tell the truth?

A footnote about current events and the war on WASP America. One reason for the push to allow Mexicans to flood across our borders is because they are almost all catholic. By increasing the number of catholics the percentage of WASP is diminished and will become a minority in the land founded by White Anglo Saxon Protestants.Thus the champion of democracy, the city built on a hill, will have been vanquished by the so called popes marines, the notorious Jesuits.

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