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Friday, June 22, 2012

You think? Parents of Murdered “Fast & Furious’ Border Agent: White House 'Hiding Something'

The White House devised a program to sell assault weapons to Mexican gang members so they would use them in violent crimes.

The purpose of the plan was to trace the weapons used in these violent crimes back to the US and so claim that the US needs tougher gun control laws.

How evil do you have to be in order to come up with such a devious plan? Many people were killed and wounded, including Brian Terry, a US Border Agent, with those very guns.

The AG, Eric Holder, has dragged his feet about handing over documents (some 80,000) about the program and lied to congress about the scheme and now the president has invoked executive privilege to try to keep those documents from the congress.

Parents of Murdered Border Agent: White House 'Hiding Something'...


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