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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Invisible recession: First time in history all central banks have printed money at the same time

The signs are everywhere that the current economic system is on the verge of collapse,

This is a move to mask the extent of the economic peril the world is in. They keep printing funny money that not only has no value but decreases the value of present money holdings.

They can’t hide it for much longer, when things start to go bad it will happen quickly.


  "This is the first time in history that all central banks have printed money at the same time," observes WashingtonsBlog. 

  The central banks of Europe, the UK, China, India, Japan and the US are all adding to their holdings (thus increasing the base money supplies of their respective countries). We've never seen anything like it. A coordinated, worldwide effort to inflate the money supply. State-sponsored counterfeiting on an epic scale. 

  But all this money printing is not bringing a worldwide recovery. Instead it is "failing miserably." In Europe, the following 11 countries are now in recession: Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Spain 

  In America, the last reported GDP results were positive. But take out inventory build-ups and the growth rate was only 1.6%. Not very exciting. Almost every report in the financial press said the results were "disappointing." But why would they be disappointed? Don't they know we're in a Great Correction? They're lucky there was any growth at all. And if you took out all the stimulus spending, ZIRP, LTRO, TARP, QEI, QEII, Operation Twist, and all the increases in disability...and other transfer payments... 

  ..what do you have? 

  Most likely, you'd be in the same situation as the UK, Spain and all the other recessed economies.

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